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Star Wars Inspired Hairstyles. Braids and Updos Inspired by Princess Leia and Rey.

Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, there is no denying Princess Leia is a household name.  I would bet that most people have heard of Princess Leia.  She is well-known and a primary character in the Star Wars series.  Her hair is also pretty well-known.  The Princess Leia duo buns on the sides of her head are unforgettable.  She also had a part in the newest installment of Star Wars, "The Force Awakens".  Her hairstyle changed in this episode.  The buns are no longer fixed to the sides of her head, covering her ears. The hair is twisted into a halo wrapped around her head.  

**Warning...spoiler alert!!  Rey, the new female character, a female jedi!  Go girl!!!  Rey's hair also inspired me.  Her hair was pulled back into three chignon type of bun/knots.  I loved it.  

I went to the theater with my family to watch the new installment of Star Wars.  It might be shocking to know that I have not sat through a full episode of the series until this visit to the cinema.  Don't hang me out to dry yet.  I am now very interested.  However, being that hair is pretty much my life, all I could think about is how I would have styled Princess Leia and Rey's hair.  Having some experience with being behind the scenes and behind the camera, I could picture what must have been going on during the styling of the characters.

The hairstyles definitely fit the theme of the movie series, no doubt.  However, all I could think of was how could I use the inspiration of the characters to influence every day hair styling or wedding day hair styling. Then the wheels started turning.  

Halos of all sorts including braided halos and flower halos are influening the bridal themes of 2016 modern brides.  Why not use the inspiration of the forerunning Star Wars female characters?!

Rey's hair brought influences of what can be done with chignons and buns.  Combining the two character's hairstyles with braids and chignons will hopefully have the opportunity to make an appearance in some bride and bridesmaids styles in the coming year.  

A thick, pulled out fishtail braid brought in and pinned in a couple different places, creating it's own shape or thick twisted, maybe also pulled out a little to add fullness, locks gathered into a modern, genius halo of some sort.  

So many options for contemporary wedding parties.  

My take away from all of this is to be inspired.  Your inspiration doesn't have to be literal.  Being moved by the shape of a style, or liking the front of one style and the back of another is everything.  All you need is to open your mind to the many possibilities let them come to life.

Let's Do This!

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