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White Satin


 Your wedding day is one of the biggest, most important days of your life!  
I have always said that anything in a photo is among the most important of details for that day.  These things will be seen for generations to come.
This is the very reason why we have curated beautiful + timeless pieces to flow into your stunning hair on your wedding day.
Browse through this unparalleled selection of quality products & find the one that's perfect for you on your big day.

Derks Works Photography Columbus, Ohio.  Our Collaboration Similar to our personal relationship, our working relationship has taken time, intentionality, and patience. Each phase of our journey has beautifully crafted each of us for the roles we now play as Derk’s Works.  Our time was filled with late nights editing, full days shooting, selling, training, learning and miles of time on the road together and apart. After a ten year corporate career in sales, I found myself at a point of exhaustion, seeking a greater purpose than profit, and a more meaningful use of my experiences and skills in communication, business management and sales. Benjamin’s photography work and vision was also at the point of explosive growth that required more time, energy and resources than each day and one person could offer. It was crazy, exciting, a whirlwind and also our dream. This was the dream that had been planted in each of us years ago. We had the desire to work side by side, to create and share, to connect and value, to be together in work and life, valuing each other’s passion and perspective. Working with Benjamin brings out the best in me. To work alongside someone who knows you better than you even know yourself, who believes in you, your passions, your gifts, your work ethic, your ideas and opinions is what I have found. This dynamic is empowering! It produces a depth in our work, art, style and communication that is meaningful, energizing and something incredibly unique and valuable. To be able to work harder and longer than ever before, but selling someone, something, that I truly believe in at my core, to wholeheartedly pour our ideas, passions and energy into our clients, relationships, our work, this is our desire, this is our dream. This is more than our job, it is our privilege.
Photo by Derks Works Photography