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My name is Shannon Goode.  

Providing hair care for families who are homebound or going through the hospice care system is a great passion of mine.  My experience started in the a nursing home setting.  Working with older individuals quickly became something I looked forward to.  I had the opportunity to go into the nursing home once a week to provide haircuts, roller sets, perms, etc... for the sweetest people.  At one point I was working in several homes to provide these services.  They so looked forward to being taken care of in a special way.  They deserve to be loved and cared for more than ever!  

It was absolutely my goal to help them to feel well cared for and especially loved.  

This experience later carried into hospice care and a special love for individuals with demensia.  I had the opportunity to care for two family members who were effected by demensia.  

One of the individuals needed full time care and I stepped into that role.  He was a lot of fun and liked to be out and about most of the time.  He was very social and loved working on projects.  We found ourselves on many adventures.  He helped me see life in a completely different way.  In a lot of ways he helped me more than I helped him.  I will remember this forever!  Lew is now in a very nice home, The Ohio Veterans Home, where they can care for him in ways I was not qualified to. He is doing really well and the nurses just adore him and believe me...he adores them too.

The second individual reacted to her demensia in a completely different way.  She sort of lived in circles.  If you are familiar with demensia you know that it comes in many forms.  While one person may suffer from a loss of memory in one way, another person may suffer from loss of memory in a completely different way.  That was the case with Nancy.  Oh...I just love her so much.  Nancy would stay at home and do the same few things over and over.  She lived with her long time husband and he cared for her the whole time, until I came in and helped.  We would look out the front door and talk about what we saw, then we would walk over to the fireplace and talk about the pictures on the mantle, then we would walk over to another picture on the wall and talk about it, etc...  We sort of repeated the same routine the whole time.  It was a new experience, for her, every 5 minutes or so.  However, I just loved asking her questions about her pictures and interacting with her in any way I could.  This helped us bond in such a beautiful way.

It was very interesting and gave me a great understanding of the strain it can put on a family.  Taking the opportunity to learn about these things and stepping in to help families desperately needing help has taught me a lot about life!  

God has given me a special mission and that mission includes reaching out to do everything thing I can possibly do to help families going through the journey.

The small things feel much bigger when you are dependent on the care of others. Helping families care for their loved ones is the least I can do.

Please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can lessen your burden, help in any way or provide hair care for your loved one.

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