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2014 Rocked! for GoodeHair

2014 Rocked!

for GoodeHair's Shannon Goode

Beautiful Brides, Boudoir Photo Shoots, Commercial Work and More...

 The year usually starts out on the slower end for those of us in the beauty industry.  

Coming off of a fun and fully packed wedding season always makes room for good times in January and February.  Taking a fresh breath of air and catching up on things put to the side is refreshing.

2014's January and February was filled a different type of passion for me. 

The beginning of the year marks the beginning of indoor track season!  

Attending meets at The Ohio State University, Ohio Wesleyan University, 

Otterbein U in Westerville as well as a few others is a lot of fun.  Cheering on our MHS runners as they strive to get back in shape and possibly win a few indoor meets is a great escape.

The beginning of the year also offered more opportunities to be available for photo shoots.  Styling hair for boudoir shoots has been a lot of fun.  Boudoir photography, with classy artists such as the photographers at Columbus Boudoir and Shimmer Boudoir, is a great way to capture your youth in a way that is timeless. Working alongside of especially talented make-up artists, such as Kelli Wilt Ramey of "Beauti Marked by Kelli" and Joy Macke of "State of Face Make Up Artistry" is priceless.   The beginning of the year also opens up time for lots of bridal hair trials.  Hair trials are a great opportunity to find your favorite bridal hair style and much more.

2014 was a completely different year for me.  Taking a tiny hiatus from the wedding world in the first quarter of the year was something I never thought I could do.  Wedding hair is a great passion of mine and I cannot imagine walking away from it.  However, circumstances called for a little break.  This gave me the opportunity to dive into my other passion...running and all things involved in running and fitness.  Immersing myself in the Marysville Track and Field team's events and coaching was a lot of fun.  The excitement and energy the athletes give is unexplainable.  We had a fantastic season and I was ready to get back to wedding hair and my beautiful brides.

April through August came with a packed schedule and many gorgeous girls to be glammed!

Perfecting wedding day updo's, down do's, blow outs, and braids is what I was made to do.

September came around and it was full on cross country season.  Coaching for the high school team is fun. The cross country team is very laid back, full of whimsy, and ready to have a good time.  So, juggling beautiful brides and energetic athletes became my focus.  

A good balance of both made for a superb year!

September came abounding.  

Having the opportunity to work with a Wow!  awesome crew from New York and Los Angeles to create a photo library (commercials, website and advertising information) for Mt. Carmel/St. Ann's Hospital in Westerville was an out of body experience.  

Building a reputation of high quality, trustworthy, best of the best hair styling landed me the job of my dreams.  The crew from Los Angeles is the crew that produced the movie, "The Interview".  

Pretty cool stuff! This opened my mind in a big way and fueled my 

confidence in a  very constructive way. 

The weather started to cool and the team finished up their season...October...November rolled around.                                           

Along came an opportunity I had only dreamed of.

A friend of mine who I absolutely adore, and look up to, offered me a partnership with his company, "Wing and a Prayer Running, llc".  I had been telling him for the last year or so that I would work with him one day.  In my mind, this was a crazy dream.  However, God clearly had a plan that was unfolding before my eyes.  I had felt something big about to happen for about a year but was not sure what it was or how it would happen.  Finally, it is being revealed.  I cannot be more grateful.  

Being a part of something so big, so good and so profound is dreamy!

Running races is always fun for me, I got to run a few this year.  Running more races next year is very high on my priority list.  There is nothing like running with everything you have to finish with the best time.

The end of the year came very quickly and was full of blessings and dreams that I could have never imagined.

To sum it up, 2014 was a big year for following through on what I had always dreamed of doing.  Lots of dreams came true.  

If I had one thing to share, it would be to dream big and expect it to happen!

Thank you so much for being a part of such an incredible year!  

Thank you to all the amazing brides who trusted me to perfect their hair for one of the most important days of their lives!

Thank you to all the athletes I have had the awesome opportunity to coach!

Thank you, God, for the many blessings and for an already out of this world 2015!

Let's Do This Together in 2015!

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