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Belinda Jean Photography | Columbus, Ohio

I want you to meet this sweet girl!  Belinda of Belinda Jean Photography is a total sweetheart and her work will blow your mind. 

Check her out:

"Hello!  I am Belinda from Belinda Jean Photography-- a wedding photographer based in Columbus Ohio!  I also travel for weddings and destination weddings.  I started my business in 2012 and wedding photography is my full-time job.  I am passionate about capturing the sweet moments that you will keep close to your hearts forever!  I believe that getting to know my clients is the #1 way to ensure a great experience!  I am a perfectionist!  I shoot about 20 weddings annually and love to focus on an amazing client experience!  I love creating beautiful images but more importantly, I love serving couples on one of the greatest days of their lives!!  Just by looking at a photograph...a person can remember all of their emotions and feelings from that single moment!  I wanted to become a photographer because I wanted to give that gift to people- the gift of joyful memories!  

My style is very clean, bright, airy and timeless!  I would describe it as romantic and joyful!  It also has an international flair, I love to incorporate European touches!  I love to capture not only the couple, but those important to them...their parents, grandparents, their details and the vibe and feel of their day!  I see myself as a storyteller!  I get to tell everyone's unique story through photographs. 

I am also a wife and Mother too!  We were married in California and it was truly the most perfect day!  Several years later, I was blessed to become a Mom to a beautiful baby girl and that day, my life became a million times better!  Oh and I am a dog-Mom to a spunky little Chihuahua named Chalupa!  And did I mention I am also a twin!  Yes...there are TWO of me, ha!  I am also an avid runner who has done marathons all over the place!  I run everywhere I go!  I am addicted to coffee...its like a little piece of heaven in a cup, every morning!  My husband and I love to travel!  Italy, Japan and NYC hold a special place in my heart!  I own way too many pairs of shoes and everything in my closet is my favorite!

I have so, so many favorite wedding moments...but photographing a wedding in Tuscany Italy tops the charts for me!  Besides delicious pasta, cheeses, espresso and was the most beautiful was truly out of a dream!  I'll never forget the amazing cypress and olive trees and the most amazing Tuscan sunset!  The bride shared a first look with her Dad there...and for some special reason, I don't think I'll ever forget that one sentimental moment or that entire trip!  

I also have many funny wedding stories too!!  I always say I'm going to write a book someday!  In fact, my husband looks so forward to hearing my animated recreations from the day once I get home and funny things happen!  I love to laugh and I'm always told that I'm always smiling!  So I welcome funny moments into my life!  I photographed one wedding this past summer and I had NO idea that the coordinator and bride's Mom thought I was the makeup artist!  I was really living in the moment and just SO beyond flattered they thought my makeup was nice enough to confuse me with being a makeup artist!  But I completely didn't get it!  The coordinator said, "You can go ahead and put your stuff in the bathroom."  I remember thinking, ohhh hmm yuck, well that's certainly an interesting place for my camera equipment! hahaha!  But I'm an easy-going I just did it.  And then the bride's Mom said, "And if you can just fill in my eyebrows for me..."  And I was like "ohhh no, they look great just the way they are!  And I don't really do that, I like to keep things pretty natural!"  I totally thought she meant in photoshop!  haha!  It went on like that for a good while until we realized the mix up, haha!  I also have a funny story from my own wedding...I didn't tell a sole beforehand...but I listed my dog as an 'honorary bridesmaid' in our wedding program!  haha!  For all of you pet owners out there...I know you feel me!!  Thank you and I hope you enjoyed getting to know me!  "


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