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Chen's Wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory, A Chinese Bride, Former OSU Student, Full of Faith and

Chen is a beautiful soul who has inspired me in ways not expected.  Her wedding details grow by the day as with most brides. The to do list continues to grow as well.  Hair was one of those things that was accidentally overlooked.  Chen's friend Chloe Chan asked her what her plans were for her wedding day hairstyle.  She quickly realized that was a big detail that needed to be taken care of.  While her plan had initially been to let her mother style her hair, she decided it might be best to find someone to come to her on the big day.  

Chen was referred to me by Chloe Chan.  

Chloe was a GoodeHair bride a couple years ago.  It is such a tremendous honor to be referred by a bride who has experienced the service for herself.  I work so hard to create such beautiful, customized, and perfected styles for each person.  To have that work be recognized and appreciated makes my soul dance!  Thank you, Chloe!!

Chen contacted me on Monday, December 14th and said her wedding was Saturday, December 19th.  This gave us less than one week to do her hair trial.  It happened to be that it would work out perfectly.  We talked about the details of the wedding day.  I would meet Chen at the Franklin Park Conservatory in the early morning of Saturday, December 19th.  

Meeting at 8am on Saturday would allow for enough time to style Chen's hair for her morning wedding.

Chen came to my studio Thursday evening, the week of her wedding.  She had previously sent me inspiration pictures.  The pictures included a braided, high bun, bridal style.  There were a couple different versions and we tried both of them and settled on the second with few inspirations from the first style.  We were all set for the wedding day hairstyling of this passionate, sweet bride.

Chen is like a fresh breath of air.  Her faith pours out of her with such passion that is meant to inspire and moved me in a way unexpected.  The details of Chen's wedding were coming together in a way that was clearly in the middle of the perfect will of our maker.  Chen mentioned a couple times how excited she was to see this happen.  There is nothing better than to see miracles come together in a way never imagined.  We agreed that we want to always be amazed by the beauty and excellence of such miracles.

While at my studio, Chen was in contact with her family who was traveling from China to be a part of her special big day.  They would be arriving late that evening and she was doing everything she could to help them.  

Their family and friends would be traveling from around the world and from across the United States. However, most of their friends were based in Columbus.  Chen is a former Ohio State University student and met a lot of her friends while in school.  She was raised in China, however, her new roots are now in Columbus.

Chen would love nothing more than to have a ceremony in her home country, however, that would be something that may not be possible at this time.  So, they plan to include lots of tradition and culture in their Columbus wedding ceremony.

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