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Columbus, Ohio Weddings | Beautiful Venues, Amazing Vendors & Memories for a Lifetime

Columbus, Ohio Weddings | Beautiful Venues, Amazing Vendors & Memories for a Lifetime

Winter weddings are all the rage in 2020. January was pretty mild in Ohio. Kristina and Wilson had the most beautiful wedding day in downtown Columbus. Julia Simmons Photography captured every amazing moment!

Kristina started the morning at the DoubleTree Hotel on Front Street, in the heart of downtown Columbus. This hotel was such a perfect choice of location in perspective to her venue choices. The multi level suite offered plenty of space and lighting for hair and makeup magic!

With a party of 6 bridesmaids, 2 mothers and herself, we were movin’ and groovin’. Kristina’s friends and family came in from around the United States to celebrate the big day. Everyone from her Friendship Crossfit friend who recently moved out of state and opened her own Crossfit box to family and friends who just could not wait to help with every little detail.

Kristina’s family and friends were so warm and welcoming, I found myself wanting to stay. Her grandmother came in to join and she was just adorable! She loved seeing everyone get beautiful and decided to get her makeup done as well. So fun!

Hair and Makeup finished and then it was time to get into that knockout gorgeous gown! Kristina simply killed it in that gown!! The time came for her to go down to the lobby for her first look with Dad. The sweetest moments emerge from first looks. They are so personal and private. The moments are sure to become memories that last a lifetime.

Next, it was time for a first look with her stunning groom. Goodness, he looked so sharp waiting for his bride-to-be. Columbus Metropolitan Library offered the most regal and gorgeous backdrop. The library is so regal, elegant and just beautiful. What could be more sweet than a first look with a beautiful bride and her drop dead gorgeous groom??!!!

It was a rainy day but that did not stop the stunning couple from rockin’ their shoot outside. The brewery district is the perfect area to walk around and find many things to do.

Kristina and Wilson celebrated their wedding at Vue. Vue is a gorgeous and wildly popular wedding venue in Columbus, Ohio. This venue is located right inside the brewery district and located next to Rockmill Tavern Brewery.

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