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Creating Texture Is All About the Products.

Creating Texture Is All About the Products.

Texture can make or break a beautiful style.  Whether the style is meant to be an updo or down and flowy boho curls, texture can make all the difference.  Create the texture you need with products. 

To create beautiful volume with plenty of stay power, section the hair into 1" sections starting with the top front "mohawk" section. Begin with your first 1" parting and spray a light dry shampoo.  Be sure to hold the bottle 8"-10" from the root area.  (The closer you hold the bottle to the hair, the more concentrated the product will be.)  Work your way back to the crown area, spraying the dry shampoo near the root area in every 1"-2" parting.  Continue to use these parting on the sides and back of the head.  When finished, massage the dry shampoo in to blend.

Using this method will help create texture in finer, fly away, or silky hair.   The texture will help the hair to hold a tease or a renewable volume that will last all day.

Creating texture can be done with many different products and tools.  To find out more and to learn how to create texture in your styles, book a workshop with GoodeHair Workshops.

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