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Featured Bride in "Columbus Bride" Magazine Fall/Winter 2014-15 Edition

"Running With Scissors"

Featured Bride


"Columbus Bride" Magazine

Fall/Winter 2014-15 Edition

Today is one of those days that I am so proud to do what I do!

Shimmer Boudoir Studio booked me for a client.  I so happily made my way into Columbus to their Short North Studio.  Working with them is one of my favorite jobs.  Hanging out with the girls and creating gorgeous hair along with the very talented

Mary Moore of "Mary Moore Make Up".  

A bunch of girls talking about the topic of the day and working our magic on an already gorgeous lady.  

In between curling hair and talking,

I looked up and noticed they had a "Columbus Bride" Magazine out.  Naturally, I wanted to look through it and see if I had any brides featured.  Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to have at least one bride featured in pretty much every issue for the last five years or so.  Not sure how I have gotten so lucky, but it has been awesome!

Sure enough, almost immediately I spotted a GoodeHair Bride!

What??!! I never want to get used to that feeling.

It is such an honor to have the privilege to use my skills to create beautiful hair.

The stunning Nicole Hebert-Ford was right there looking all gorgeous and totally flawless. Featured several times in the magazine, they wrote about her wedding videographer, wedding planner (Tracie Zodie), and their reception (at Camp Mary Orton - Worthington) where dueling pianos and Nicole took center stage!

What an honor it is! 

Addvision did a remarkable job with their photos.  

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