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How To Party for Girls

Create a Personalized

"How-To" Party for Girls!

Customize with any of the following:


- Shampoo and Care for your hair properly

- Selecting Certain Shampoos and Conditioners

- Blow Dry and Use a Brush

- Style Easily and Quickly

- Braid (Basic, Fishtail, Waterfall, Braid Bun, etc..)

- Step Up Your Hairstyle

- Use a Curling Iron

- Use a Flat Iron

- Use Hot Rollers

- Use Products to Achieve the Effect Desired

      (hairspray, dry shampoo, styling aids)

- Care For and Polish Nails

   Question/Answer Sessions

 And So Much More!

These age appropriate parties are perfect for girls from ages 6-16.

Knowledgeable - Professional Series

from a  Hairstylist/Mom. 

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