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Kylee's Wedding Day - Dreamy 60 Degrees in February - Impressive, Commandingly Gorgeous, and a True

Curtis Wallis Photography rocked these wedding day photos.

From the moment we met, I was completely captivated by Kylee.  On first impression, her angelic blonde hair is eye catching and glows beautifully.  She is a true girl's girl with a fun, bubbly and sweet temperment.  The first time we met was at her first hair trial.  Kylee knew what she wanted. Her vision included lots of volume, bouncy curls and the sides pulled up to create a great fullness in the back.  Loved it!  

After her hair trial she went to Joy Macke's house (State of Face Makeup Artistry) for her makeup trial.  Her day was filled with fun bridal appointments.

Kylee was smart and put together from the very beginning.  She knew she wanted to have help with all the planning details.  Nina Marie Banks of Nina Marie Events would be her number one choice for all things wedding planning and coordinating.  Nina took her under her wing and helped with some very challenging details and reorganizing.

Kylee and Scott's wedding was originally planned for early July but had to be moved to February. Most brides would have panicked but Kylee handled it beautifully.  Nina did what needed to be done and as a team they worked perfectly.

Nina Marie Events is experienced, hard working and becomes like family at a very important time in a bride's life.  Her personal touch is ideal and she is an expert in her craft.  Nina offers many packages sure to fit the needs of any bride.

Details were coming together and the wedding was coming close.  Kylee decided she would feel better if she could do one more hair trial.  The trial was scheduled for January 9th and she brought her mother.  The appointment went beautifully.  On the agenda was even more volume and we accomplished that and felt pretty solid for the wedding day. 

For the wedding day, the preparations would begin at the Hilton Polaris,  Our timing would be 10a-2p to style 15 people from the wedding party.  Tagging along that day, I had an assistant who would prove to be helpful in keeping things moving right along.  

We arrived at the hotel around 9:40a.  Joy Macke and her partner for the day, Jenny Feheley, were already in the lobby.  We gathered our things and prepared to head up to the hotel room to meet up with Kylee and her wedding party.

Kylee answered the door looking just as radiant as always.  She was fully ready to get the events of the day in motion.  We started setting up rollers, products, hairsprays and curling irons while the rest of the party arrived.  

Kylee wanted to go first.  We got her set with rollers.  She also decided to go with a voluminous updo which was much different than what we practiced at the hair trials.  This proved to be no problem at all since I was fully familiar with her hair texture and fullness.  This was exciting!  On a wedding day, you are expected to be glamorous.  Why not go with a super glam updo??!!

Once Kylee's hair was set with rollers, we moved right along setting the other bridesmaids with rollers, styling their updos and half up hair styles.  The bridesmaids were inspired by volume, not too perfect, big chunky updos.  All the mothers got their hair styled. Everything went absolutely perfectly.  It was quite a fun morning/early afternoon.  We stayed right inside the timeline.  

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, Kylee was well put together and in the moment. Admirable!  Everyone had fun, the music played in the background.  Nina sent Tanya (her assistant) to come in and steam the dresses while the girls all got their hair and makeup done. Priceless!

Before we knew it the photographer arrived along with the videographer.

The photographer was Curtis Wallis Photography.  He came in with great experience and knowledge of the situation and how he wanted to capture every moment perfectly.  I couldn't possibly word it any better than Curtis did on the website.  Check this out: "Now the journey begins and I mean a journey. Picking the perfect date then changing the date for a perfect wedding venue. Next the endless searching the internet and signing up for all the wedding websites. Emailing countless photographers to see if your date is still available. Now picking your colors and style and finding all the most beautiful decor or what I call the details. All while balancing school or that new job. Then enlisting the help of family who may or may not share your style outlook. Well I am honored your journey has crossed paths with my passion of being awedding photographer."  His work is serious eye candy!

The room was absolutely swimming with family and friends all swooning over Kylee.  Kylee and her mother just adore each other and quite honestly, it was inspiring.  The words shared between such close relationships are so deep and true.  I feel completely honored to have had the opportunity to share in the special day.

Kylee's friends and family watched as she got her hair done.  They were sure to help her perfect every detail.  They watched on as she opened her gifts.  The tears flowed as she spent those special moments reliving and highlighting why she loves these people so much!  The moments were so personal and heart felt.  The girls leaned forward in their chairs to peak around the corner, making sure not to miss a single special moment.

The time came when everyone's hair and makeup was finished and the girls were all getting into their dresses.  We gathered all our things and sent out the well wishes.  There was no doubt in my mind that they were about to have the time of their lives!

Kylee and Scott, I wish you both the lives of your dreams!  May your life together be more than you can dream.  Live up every moment!!  This is to many years and adventures together.  <3

Taking a moment to relive the events of Kylee and Scott's wedding, I keep getting lost in the moment again and again.  While everyone's day is completely unique, there are moments that catch me unexpected almost every time.  I truly feel grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.  To think that I get to live out my dream all the time!  Having the chance to work with such inspiring, loving and joyful people is what life is all about.  Because of this, my heart is full, my soul sings and I am very thankful.

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