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"OSU grad faces cancer battle, now with the love of his life by his side" | Columbus, Ohio

"COLUMBUS, OH (WCMH) -- Over the weekend, Daniel Chapman walked down the aisle at Ohio State University and received his diploma in business management.On Wednesday, his fiancée Morgan Zavodny met him at the end of another aisle.The OSU graduate is facing his biggest battle, stage four cancer, but is starting the next chapter of his life with the person he loves the most. “We met through a mutual friend that I went to high school with and that she went to college with,” said Daniel.Daniel says he instantly fell in love. “I kept on messaging her on Facebook after and it took me a few months to get on the first date,” said Daniel.“I was living in Cleveland at the time and he was living in Columbus and he drove the two hours to take me out on a date,” said Morgan Zavodny.That was back in 2013.Five years later, they're saying "I do". “I'd do anything for her, that's for sure,” said Daniel.For Daniel, it’s been an emotional five years filled with ups and downs.A year prior to meeting Morgan, Daniel was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a bone and tissue cancer that has spread to his lungs. He has since gone through 8 different treatments. Morgan has been by his side every step of the way. “We lean on each other at times of need and when he is going through his struggles, especially with his cancer battle, he's really strong, so he's my rock,” said Morgan.The newlyweds say they plan on traveling the world together, making the best out of their new life."

Beautiful write up, Tyler.  Thank you!

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