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We Love Ohio State University Buckeyes! Football and Wedding Planning Do Go Together.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

What It Means to Be an Ohio State Buckeyes Bride and Groom

Embracing Scarlet and Gray: What It Means to Be an Ohio State Buckeyes Bride and Groom  Introduction  When it comes to college football, there are few teams as iconic and beloved as the Ohio State Buckeyes. The scarlet and gray colors, the electrifying atmosphere of Ohio Stadium, and the rich history of the program all contribute to the deep-seated passion that Buckeye fans share. For some lucky couples, this passion extends to their wedding day, as they proudly declare themselves Ohio State Buckeyes Bride and Groom. In this blog post, we'll explore what it means to embrace the Buckeyes spirit on your special day and why it holds such significance for many.  A Shared Love for the Buckeyes The foundation of being an Ohio State Buckeyes Bride and Groom is a deep and shared love for the team. For these couples, Saturdays in the fall aren't just about football; they're about tradition, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging to a larger Buckeye family. Many Buckeyes fans grew up watching games with their families, attended the university, or have other meaningful connections to the team. When two such individuals come together in marriage, it's only natural for their love of the Buckeyes to play a prominent role in their celebration.  Incorporating Scarlet and Gray One of the most visible ways that Buckeye couples express their love for the team is through their wedding attire and decorations. Brides may choose scarlet or gray wedding gowns, while grooms often wear Ohio State-themed cufflinks, ties, or socks. The wedding party might be decked out in matching Buckeyes gear, and scarlet and gray accents can be found throughout the decor, from the floral arrangements to the cake.  Ohio Stadium as a Venue For the ultimate Buckeyes wedding, some couples choose to tie the knot in the iconic Ohio Stadium itself. Imagine exchanging vows on the hallowed turf where so many legendary games have been played, with the roar of the crowd echoing in your memories. While this option may not be accessible to everyone, it represents the pinnacle of Buckeyes fandom.  Game Day Traditions Ohio State fans are known for their game day traditions, and Buckeye couples often incorporate these into their wedding festivities. From Script Ohio performed by the wedding party to dotting the "i" by the bride or groom, these traditions add a unique and personal touch to the celebration. Some couples even time their wedding to coincide with an Ohio State home game, ensuring that their big day is shared with thousands of fellow fans.  Buckeyes-Themed Favors and Entertainment To further immerse their guests in the Buckeyes spirit, many couples provide Ohio State-themed wedding favors and entertainment. Mini football helmets, scarlet and gray candies, or personalized Buckeyes merchandise can make for memorable keepsakes. Hiring a live band that can play Ohio State fight songs or inviting the school's mascot, Brutus Buckeye, to make an appearance can also enhance the celebration.  A Union of Two Buckeyes Families When two Ohio State fans get married, it's not just a union of two people but a merging of two Buckeyes families. This can lead to spirited rivalries if one spouse supports a different team, but it also creates a unique bond and shared passion that runs deep in the family for generations to come.  Conclusion  Being an Ohio State Buckeyes Bride and Groom means celebrating not just your love for each other but also your love for a team that has captured the hearts of countless fans. It's about weaving the traditions, colors, and spirit of the Buckeyes into your wedding day, creating a celebration that's both deeply personal and undeniably Ohio State. Whether you exchange vows in Ohio Stadium or simply don scarlet and gray on your big day, being a Buckeyes couple is a special way to honor a cherished tradition and share your love with friends and family who bleed scarlet and gray just like you do. O-H-I-O!
The Buckeye Bond: Celebrating Love as Ohio State Buckeyes Bride and Groom Ohio State University, located in Columbus, Ohio, is not only renowned for its academic excellence and athletic prowess but also for the unique culture it fosters. For many individuals, being an Ohio State Buckeyes fan is more than just a passion—it's a way of life. And for some lucky couples, it's an integral part of their love story. Imagine a love that's as strong as the Buckeyes' offensive line, as enduring as their traditions, and as vibrant as the Scarlet and Gray. Being an Ohio State Buckeyes bride and groom signifies embracing not only a university but a culture that embodies dedication, perseverance, and unyielding loyalty. 1. Shared Passion and Pride Being a Buckeyes bride or groom means sharing a deep passion and pride for Ohio State University. It's about proudly donning the Scarlet and Gray, whether on game days or ordinary days. The colors symbolize the unity and camaraderie that bind you together as a couple. 2. Game Day Rituals Become Relationship Traditions Game days are more than just football matches; they're an integral part of the Buckeye experience. For Buckeyes brides and grooms, game day rituals become relationship traditions. Whether it's tailgating with friends and family, cheering in unison, or singing the fight song, these experiences deepen the bond between partners and create cherished memories. 3. Supporting Each Other Through Wins and Losses The journey of a Buckeye fan, much like a marriage, has its ups and downs. Being a Buckeyes bride and groom means supporting each other through victories and defeats. It's about celebrating the highs and navigating the lows, much like a team does on the field. 4. Building a Buckeye Family Legacy For some couples, being Buckeyes is a family affair. Generations of alumni pass down the tradition of love for Ohio State University. Being a Buckeyes bride and groom means becoming part of a legacy, with the dream of future generations continuing the tradition. 5. Community and Togetherness Being a part of the Ohio State community is like being a part of a big, passionate family. Being a Buckeyes bride and groom means fostering a sense of community and togetherness not only within your relationship but also within the larger Buckeye family. 6. Experiencing the Ohio State Romance Ohio State University's picturesque campus, the historic "Oval," and the charming surroundings offer a romantic backdrop for couples. From strolling hand in hand across Mirror Lake to sharing a kiss under the shade of the buckeye trees, being a Buckeyes bride and groom means experiencing a unique and beautiful love story at a place so deeply ingrained in your hearts. Conclusion Being an Ohio State Buckeyes bride and groom is about more than just supporting a football team. It's about embracing a culture, a community, and a shared identity that strengthens the love between you. It's about finding joy in the simple act of wearing Scarlet and Gray, creating traditions, and supporting each other through all of life's adventures. It's about love, commitment, and the shared legacy of being a part of the Buckeye family.

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Love is a powerful force that can bring two people together, and sometimes, it can also bring together a shared passion for sports and a deep connection to a university. For many couples in Ohio, being an Ohio State Buckeyes bride and groom is not just about tying the knot; it's about celebrating their love for each other and their unwavering loyalty to one of the most iconic college football teams in the nation. In this blog post, we will explore what it means to be an Ohio State Buckeyes bride and groom, the unique traditions that come with it, and the sense of community that binds them.

The Scarlet and Gray Love Affair

Becoming an Ohio State Buckeyes bride or groom often means that both partners share a profound love for the university and its athletic programs. Ohio State University, located in Columbus, Ohio, has a rich history of athletic excellence, with a special emphasis on its storied football program. Being a Buckeyes fan is more than just supporting a team; it's a way of life. It's about wearing the scarlet and gray with pride, singing the fight song with unwavering enthusiasm, and embracing the sense of camaraderie that comes with being part of the Buckeye Nation.

Wedding Day Decorations

When you're an Ohio State Buckeyes bride and groom, you don't just have a wedding; you have a Buckeyes wedding. That means incorporating your love for the team into every aspect of your special day. From scarlet and gray color schemes to Ohio State-themed centerpieces, there are endless ways to infuse your wedding with Buckeye spirit. Many couples even choose to have the Ohio State mascot, Brutus Buckeye, make a surprise appearance during their reception, creating unforgettable memories for their guests.

The Tailgating Tradition

One of the most cherished traditions for Ohio State Buckeyes fans is tailgating before football games. For Buckeyes brides and grooms, this tradition takes on a special meaning. Some couples choose to host a tailgate-themed wedding reception, complete with tailgating snacks, Ohio State memorabilia, and, of course, the game playing on a big screen. It's a unique way to combine their love for the team with the celebration of their love for each other.

The Buckeye-Themed Cake

No Buckeyes wedding would be complete without a Buckeye-themed wedding cake. Whether it's a scarlet and gray cake with Brutus Buckeye toppers or a cake adorned with the Ohio State logo, this sweet treat is a delicious way to showcase your love for the team. Plus, it's a crowd-pleaser for all your guests, even those who may not be die-hard Buckeyes fans.

Buckeye-Branded Wedding Favors

To thank your guests for celebrating your special day, consider giving out Buckeye-branded wedding favors. These can range from Buckeye-themed koozies and keychains to personalized Ohio State jerseys for your wedding party. These tokens of appreciation will not only leave a lasting impression but also serve as a reminder of the unforgettable day you shared with your loved ones.

The Buckeye Bond

Being an Ohio State Buckeyes bride and groom means being part of a tight-knit community of fans who share your passion. It means celebrating victories together, commiserating in defeat, and always looking forward to the next game. The Buckeye bond extends beyond the football field and into the lives of those who proudly wear the scarlet and gray. It's a bond that connects generations and fosters lifelong friendships.

For Ohio State Buckeyes fans, getting married as a Buckeye bride and groom is about more than just a wedding; it's about celebrating a shared love for a university and its athletic traditions. From scarlet and gray decorations to tailgating-themed receptions, the Buckeye spirit permeates every aspect of their special day. But it's not just about the wedding; it's about the sense of community, camaraderie, and lifelong bonds that come with being part of the Buckeye Nation. So, whether you're an Ohio State Buckeyes bride and groom or simply a fan of the team, remember that being a Buckeye is about more than wins and losses; it's about the love and pride that come with being part of something bigger than yourself.


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