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What Oils Are Best For Curly Hair?

Recently, I found this website with lots of excellent tips for hair, beauty, fashion and everything girly!

"Refinery 29" -

But before I reveal that article, check out these tips from my experience with naturally curly hair.

I have naturally curly hair.  Most days it is straightened with a flat iron and then curled with a large barrel iron.   However, on days when I am up for letting my curls shine, I love using Moroccan Oil Serum and/or the Moroccan Oil Curl Cream.  

My process:

I wash my hair then put conditioner in it and comb through it.  After combing through my hair, I but it up in a bun and brush my teeth, etc... When all other things are done (in the shower) I rinse out my hair.  

Tip #1:  

Don't comb your hair after this one time (while the conditioner is still in).

If you can refrain from combing your hair you will most likely end up with the really pretty clumpy, soft curls instead of the wet looking crunchy curls.

Tip #2:

Put the product in (Moroccan Oil Curl Cream) right after taking your hair out of the towel.  You want your hair to be pretty damp/wettish. Scrunch the cream into your hair.  

Tip #3:

I like using a diffuser.  Using a diffuser activates the product in a way that creates a soft chunky curl.  

Tip #4:

Don't move the dryer or hair around a lot.  Try to dry it without shaking it around.  

Tip #5:

Once your hair is dry, use a product called "Redken Rewind".  Don't use too much.  Start with a little bit and add more when necessary.

You should end up with some pretty rockin curls!

Tag me in pictures of your rockin curly hair.  

Check out the Refinery 29 Article Here:

If your hair is on the curly end of the spectrum, you're probably already privy to the fact that moisture is your best friend. Whether it's in the form of leave-in conditioner or staying away from shampoos with sulfates, the more hydration your tresses can receive, the better. 

And, while you'd hope the sebum in your scalp would provide enough moisture, that's just not the case. That's why oils tend to be the easiest (and most natural, and most versatile) product for curly-haired gals.

We enlisted the help of hairstylist Ryan Richman to find out exactly what oils — argan, olive, and the rest of 'em — can do for you. "Hair oils are great for conditioning, repairing damaged hair caused by heat, combating a dry scalp, or adding a bit of shine," Richman says. "But, you may have to experiment with a few before finding the right oil for you." Not everybody's curly needs are the same, after all. 

Ahead, we break down the benefits of five of the most popular oils, along with tips on how to use them and which types of coils they're best for. 

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