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Are you a bridal hairstylist grappling with the stress of decoding reference photos, despite the countless online tutorials you've watched? Does the challenge of working with various hair types, from short and stubborn to long and thick, leave you feeling overwhelmed? Have you attempted the latest Insta updo 'hack,' only to be disappointed when your results fall short?  It's time to transform your bridal hairstyling game and bid farewell to the confusion surrounding product choices. If you're tired of leaving wedding jobs feeling defeated because your hairstyles didn't receive the love they deserve, I've got the solution for you.


connect, education, inspire, empower

labs + workshops

Shannon Goode of Goode Beauty & Beauty Summit LLC has been behind the chair since 1998.  Are you a professional or beauty school student? If so, you’re in the right place! Shannon Goode provides professional on site and to help you build the business and skill level that is necessary to become an award winning and sought after artist!   Goal can include building a succesful bridal business or salon, online publishing, ambassadorships, or advertisement images. If you’re in search of professional, specialized hair-styling services for your in studio photoshoot, you can book those services right here!   Shannon travel to you at your location or salon in Ohio and around the United States.  Styling classes focused on creating foundations, techniques that save time, strengthening client consultations, hands-on experience, and more!

Specialized Hair Styling & Makeup Artistry can be easier than you think!

Updo Creation & Specialized Hair Styling Workshops

Start to Finish Makeup Techniques

Advanced skill workshops & more

Step-by-Step & Hands-on Workshops 

Beauty Summit LLC’s educators are beauty industry pros who are ready to share their tips & tricks to creating amazing hair styles and makeup artistry skills of all kinds.  From braided updos to low & loose updos and even polished, more regal styles, we cover it all.


  You can expect to learn what it takes to master the art of bridal styling, special event hair, makeup skills to create gorgeous looks for all your clients and special event techniques. 


We are sharing some of the industry’s creation hacks that will help you to style an updo in 20 minutes or less and have the ability to recreate any type of Pinterest inspiration.  These skills will help you to fill your calendar with your ideal clients!

Specialized Hair Styling Labs

  1. Deep understanding of product use & types of products.  (When, why, and how)

  2. Understanding of tool use & types of tools.  When to use what, why and how

  3. Setting up kit.  What is needed & why

  4. Creating a really good base w/ products and tools.

  5. Popular Pinterest styles (using inserts, why & how)

  6. Braided Updos

  7. Creating 20 minute updos

  8. Boho down styles

  9. Boho up styles

  10. Naturally curly hair styles 

  11. Polished/Regal up styles

  12. Polished/Regal down styles (deep waves, barrel curls, high bun, smoother styles)

  13. Short Hair Styling

  14. Long Hair Styling (tips, tricks  & hacks)

  15. Hair Extensions (different types - why & how, how to use them in specialized styles)

  16. Speed & efficiency in creation

  17. Establishing a stellar consultation 

Let's work on it together!

Belinda Jean Photography Westin Styled Shoot - 124.jpg
IMG_1270 2.jpg

Business Building & Skill Lab

So you want to build your beauty business but you don’t know where to start.  The idea of working on your own terms and calling your own shots is all you dream about.  If this sounds like you then check out our program!  You are in the right place!!

The Beauty Summit Business Building & Skill Lab consists of hands-on, practical, step-by-step workshops that guide you through the process of building the business of your dreams! 


You can expect practical, solution-oriented skills and techniques while fostering connection among industry peers. The course certification is designed to help beauty artists obtain the knowledge and skills needed to fill your calendar with your ideal clients while forming a community of support that will also help you grow your business.

The foundation of the Beauty Summit Lab certification is based around four basic fundamentals.  We connect, educate, inspire and empower beauty professionals to provide clients with an experience to remember.  These fundamentals are the foundation for high standards for consistent, timeless, trending education for all of our students.  

Want to know more about the Beauty Summit Lab Certification?

Building your business can be a lot of fun!

Business Building 101   

The Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Successful Business

Beauty Summit LLC has a passion for helping others build their businesses.  With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry we have gained the experience and knowledge needed to know how to navigate this sometimes confusing path.  

You won’t believe the process we have perfected to help you build the business of your dreams!  You will receive workbooks, worksheets, and hands-on workshop time with passionate beauty pros that are ready to jump right in and get to work with you!


Mastering the Art of Makeup Artistry.

The Importance of Customizing your Clients Makeup Design.

Our Makeup Professionals are excited to share all their tips and tricks, knowledge and expertise when it comes to creating the perfect Makeup Design.  

Guiding you step-by-step throughout each session, our Instructors will cover everything from the consultation & the basics of artistry to creating advanced looks.  Other important topics we will discuss are working with multiple skin tones & skin types as well as selecting the appropriate products & tools.

What do you need to 
attend one of our 
classes, workshops
or labs?

Kit List Recommended:

(special event kit essentials)

- 1" (inch) curling Iron 

- mini crimper
- strong hold hair spray 
(Moroccan Oil Medium or Kenra Volume Spray)

- texture powder 

- dry shampoo

- thermal styling spray

(Sexy Hair or comparable)
- comb 
-  duckbill clips 
-  bobby pins 

-  hair pins
-  hair pad
-  elastic bands

- 1/2' curling iron (advanced)

- flat iron (advanced)

- 1 1/4" curling iron (advanced)

- double hooked elastics (advanced)

- plastic round clips (for waves - advanced)

- texture clay/matte pomade (advanced)

- shine spray (advanced)


Order Your Basic Kit List


Order Your Advanced Kit List


Order Your Travel Kit


Want to take your salon job to the next level?  If you are going to take the time and expense to do this- why not do it right?  Goode Beauty's, Shannon Goode, is a highly skilled, professional, award winning hair styling specialist based in Columbus, Ohio.  Shannon takes pride in shining the light on up and coming artists wanting to learn, build and grow.  has experience through years of continuing education, working in salons, and owning salons. Your experience will include skilled instructors, professional tools, professional products, busy “hands-on” clinics, step by step instruction and guided one of a kind skill workshops.
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