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Last Big Wedding of the Season (2015)- "A Stunning Bride and Her Breathtaking Wedding Day Left Us Sw

( Feast your eyes upon this magic by "Two Maries Photography"! )

An early morning travel to Columbus from just outside the 270 Loop offered quite an ironic set of events. Usually, on the drive to the location of the day, I will whisper a prayer for the day.  The prayer will usually include the bride, her wedding party and all events to follow.  Finding comfort and balance in this helps me to start the day in the best frame of mind with total preparation for the events ahead.  Drinking my Starbucks Quad Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte, listening to music at 6:30a, on my way to the beautiful Westin in downtown Columbus.

Emilie Duncan, Wedding / Event Planner of Columbus, Ohio, had sent an early morning email letting us know Lauren's room number.  The bride and her large party were awaiting our arrival in the bridal suite.  I was fully prepared and ready for the best wedding day.  Stopping right outside the Westin, unloading all my equipment, and heading inside.  Everything seemed to be just perfect.  It was time to make my way into the elevator, press the button for travel to the 2nd floor and there was Lauren's room.  It is so exciting to walk up to the door and hear a liveliness inside of a bride and her girls getting geared up.  I knocked on the door and Lauren's mother and grandmother opened the door and let me in with a sweet reception.  Lauren was just behind them and greeted me with a hug.  

Lauren was glowing and cute as she could be in her baby blue "Bride" tank, and white "Bride" robe.  She was excited for the day ahead.  

Joy Macke of State of Face Makeup Artistry was also just arriving and bubbly as ever.  It is always a welcome sight to see her on the morning of a wedding.

Here is where I will insert the irony that was mentioned earlier.  Everything was going beautifully when all of a sudden the power goes out.  All of a sudden we were in the dark.  Someone had plugged in the steamer which had tripped the breaker.  On top of the power going out, Joy was still waiting for the arrival of a tall chair.  A tall chair is necessary so that the makeup artist doesn't have to bend over constantly.

After about 20 minutes of trying to figure out what to do about the power, the panic was starting to set in.  The problem is that we needed light...obviously.  We also needed power for all of my tools and so on.  The maintenance man comes in and starts unplugging and plugging in our tools, trying to figure out what was wrong...even though we kept saying it had to be a breaker.  

In the hustle of the chaos, housekeeping, who was asked to bring up a high chair brought up a child's highchair!  hahaha.  At that point we all broke into laughter.  A highchair!  We needed a high-chair, like a bar chair.  After redirecting the nice gentleman, we were sure to get the high chair that was needed. 

The minutes passed....and finally Lauren went down to the desk to nicely demanded reconcilliation.  They finally moved us to another room.  So, we packed up all our tools and hurried to the next room.

Among the "comedy of errors" you almost have to expect a little wedding day crazy.  The best test is if you can survive it knowing you, the Bride, can recover and marry your soulmate with a renewed excitement for the day and life ahead.

So finally, we were back on target and able to begin the wedding day beauty and glamour.  Let's do this! The roller setting was to begin.  The girls who were in their mid-twenties all found their inspirations on Pinterest.  Everyone wore an updo of their own interpretations.  Some went for a classic, yet modern, bun or chignon and even a french twist.  Others went for a more textured, curl infused low updo.  One girl wore a side pony with a beautiful side twist bringing it together from both sides.  

The bride's hair was quite stunning.  Lauren was a lovely bride.  She ended up coming to my studio for a couple different trials.  Sometimes this is necessary to communicate just the most perfect style wanted.  We nailed it and she brought the glam in a way that dropped jaws!  The hairpiece that she chose to set the style was unique and amazingly perfect.  The piece included rhinestones and matte pearls and topped off her classic, volumous barrel curls.

Some of the bridesmaids talked about upcoming weddings in 2016.  Meeting friends in college and having the opportunity to stay close seems to be just the recipe for much involvement in weddings.  These bridesmaids were the perfect age for that stage in life.  2016 will be full of parties, weddings and events of a lifetime.

Her most gorgeous gown and accessories came from the popular La Jeaune Mariee Columbus downtown.

The bride, her wedding party (bridesmaids), mother and grandmother all had "Brown Bag", German Village, delivered for a most perfect lunch.  They all raved about how good it was.  

Music in the background included anything from the 90's to Macklemore.  Interesting and perfect set of tunes to set the mood for a big day.

While the early events of the day seemed to have moved the timeline around a little, we finished the glamorous styling with plenty of time to spare.  

Lauren recovered so very gracefully and was starting to stir with a bubbliness, a bit of nervousness and an excitement to get this show on the road!

By the way, I have to mention mom and grandma.  They were both such stunners themselves.  Young, full of life and fun.  What more can you ask for?

Emilie Duncan of "Emilie Duncan Event Planning" came to the hotel room to check up on Lauren and her party.  Emilie has a perfect personality for her role in wedding days and planning.  She is fun, open minded, and is ready to handle anything that may come up expectedly or unexpectedly.  Emilie is a co-founder of "Cakes for a Cause", "An evening of fun benefiting the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and Operation Feed including live and silent cake auctions and raffles - there will be something to satisfy every sweet tooth and we are thinking WAY outside the cake pan!"  She is also a founding board member of "Wish Upon a Wedding Ohio", "Wish Upon a Wedding is a nonprofit organization granting weddings and vow renewals for couples facing serious illness or a life-altering circumstance."

The photographer for Lauren's wedding was "Two Maries".  Two Maries is a fine art wedding photographer.  The duo can be found at  They can be found in the following features: "Fab You Bliss", "Elizabeth Ann Designs", "The Knot" and "Glamour and Grace".

Makeup Artistry created by the amazing Joy Macke of "State of Face Makeup Artistry" of Columbus, Ohio.  Her work can be found at

The ever popular "Conspiracy Band" was the entertainment for the night.  Check them out here:

Gorgeous flowers came from Flowers on Orchard.

Cake by Anita Kline.

The day ended, as far as my duties.  Lauren was off for one of the biggest and best days of her life.  What an honor it was to be a part of such a magical experience.  Forever grateful and humbled by the career laid before me.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lauren (Rivers) and Josh Lupberger !  Beautiful Bride, much fun, I felt like family.  (hugs)  Here is to many years of happiness and everything you could ever dream of!

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