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Are you a bridal hairstylist experiencing moments of anxiety when faced with a client's reference photo, unsure of where to begin with their updo? Have you tirelessly watched numerous online tutorials only to find that your hairstyles still don't quite hit the mark?  Navigating the challenges of working with various hair types, from short and stubborn to long and thick, or extra curly, can be overwhelming. If you've attempted the latest Insta updo 'hacks' only to be disappointed by the results and find yourself constantly trying new products without a clear understanding of their purpose, you're not alone.

Styled Shoot Master Class 

Imagine leaving a wedding job feeling defeated because your hairstyles didn't capture the admiration of the clients, to the extent that you didn't even bother taking pictures of your work. The frustration is real, but the solution is within reach.  It's time to transform your bridal hairstyling journey from uncertainty to confidence. Discover the secrets to creating stunning updos that not only meet your clients' expectations but exceed them. Say goodbye to the confusion surrounding difficult hair types and unlock the techniques that will make you a go-to expert in the bridal hairstyling industry.

build your beauty business quickly and successfully

Shannon Goode of Goode Beauty and Beauty Labs, Classes and Workshops is working hard to create a unique and beautifully styled updo for a styled shoot.  This styled shoot is a partnership with many other wedding day vendors to create editorial content and national blog recognition.  Beauty Summit Labs and Beauty Labs workshops feature this option.  The option is called Master Class.  Shannon Goode and her associate educators/beauty pros will conduct a workshop to help stylists, makeup artists, beauty school students and beauty pros perfect photo shoot worthy styles.  Next we will pull together a national blog worthy photo shoot to capture beautiful photos for your salon and website.  It is a very fun and amazing experience that will never be forgotten.  Inquire for more information.  This one-of-a-kind workshop is worth every minute.

photo credit: Kismet Visuals & Co, Styling: MMJ Events, Venue: High Line Car House Columbus

Start with Styling and End with a Photo Shoot!

2 day : 4-5 hours/day =  8-10 hours

Limited Time Price: $14,999

(payment plan available)

Incredibly Fun: Educational : One of a Kind: Unforgettable 

You don't want to miss this!

Workshop Agenda:

Day 1:

Instructional, Tools, Products, Methods, Tips & Tricks, Q & A Session and Hands-On Experience

Curling and prepping hair, creating the texture needed with products, finding inspiration photos & how to use those, working through the Beauty Lab Workshop of your choice.

Day 2:

Work on a live-styled photo shoot.  Style hair for a model who will be photographed by a professional photographer.  These photos will be for your portfolio.  Work with some of the industry's best makeup artists, wedding planners, florists, and more.

Build your confidence in styling and methods, expand your menu of services, and gain a new way of thinking about styling and finishing.  Most of all, sharpen your skills and build your confidence in being able to perfect hair photo shoots.


Get access to the network and referral group of industry professionals after your class certification.

Peer interaction during class, Work as a group through ideas, questions and brainstorms.

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Call for More Information

Please note: Because of the time and dedication Beauty Summit LLC devotes to Master Classes and Workshops, 

there is limited availability.

This wedding hair class one-on-one or group class or workshop is full of take away skills and techniques.  Choose any style you want to master or work your way through many different hair styles.  This is your opportunity to learn how to create a smooth, classic updo or style.  These classes are also created to optimize your talent in all kinds of bridal and photo shoot hair styling.  This class is one-of-a-kind and stands above all other hair styling classes.  The attention to detail and the one-on-one attention, even in group classes, is unlike anything else.  Classes and workshops are available for any salon in the United States.  Minimal travel fee may incur and is totally worth it.  Taking multiple classes will bring you to the top of your game and make you quite note worthy and sought after.
GoodeHair's Master Class is an unforgettable 2 day event.  The first day is full of hands on work to perfect photo shoot worthy hair styling.  The second day is a behind the scenes experience with planning a national blog worthy photo shoot.  The result is a one-of-a-kind look at creating stunning hair.  On top of it all, you get to walk away with gorgeous photos to use in your salon website.
Join our community of bridal hairstylists who have overcome these challenges and are now thriving in their craft. Embrace a step-by-step approach to updos, gain clarity on product selection, and elevate your skills to a level where every hairstyle is a work of art.  Don't let anxiety, confusion, and self-doubt overshadow your passion for bridal hairstyling. It's time to level up and become the hairstylist brides rave about. Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Join us today and redefine your success in the world of bridal hairstyling!

photo credit: Kismet Visuals & Co, Styling: MMJ Events, Venue: High Line Car House Columbus

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