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5 Ways to Have a Fun Wedding Morning and the Best Beauty Team Ever!

When all the girls get together it is sure to be a blast!  Waking up together, eating breakfast, hanging out in your hotel room or home...what else can you ask for??!!  Goode Beauty hair and makeup team bring everything you can dream of to help the bride and all of her bridesmaids feel as beautiful as possible.  All you have to do is sit back, laugh, breathe and take in the moment.
Have fun on your wedding morning and hire the best hair and makeup team like these ladies! Red Gallery's Clay Justice is the sweetest, amazingly talented photographer. Photo credit : Red Gallery Photo, Columbus, Ohio

When you thought of planning your wedding day what did you think of first? Was it your gown, location, who will be there to help celebrate??!! Well, here is your guide to making your wedding day morning the best possible experience you can imagine!

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We have had the experience of working with hundreds and hundreds of brides! What an honor!!

Through the years we have seen a lot of things happen and want to pass on some tips and tricks to make life easier for you.

Tip #1:


Where do you feel most comfortable? Where do you see yourself and your bridal party getting ready?

Getting ready in your home or hotel room is always a good option to consider. Goode Beauty comes to your location to make it easy on you. The choice is up to you.

Being in your own space, where you are most comfortable and "at home" could be crucial for keeping nerves on the -down low- before the big event.

Something to think about is how many people are getting services? Will you have enough space for everyone to hang out and be comfortable?

The hair and makeup team will usually need good lighting, a few chairs (a couple of bar stools or high chairs for makeup) and easy access to electricity.

Outside of the space needed for the hair + makeup team, do you have space for everyone else to enjoy the morning and get dressed when time allows?

Are you doing hair + makeup or are you doing hair only/makeup only?

Usually the hair and makeup team will be in the same general area. Depending on what services you have hired, you may need a little more space. Generally we set up at a table or desk area.

Do you have a time restriction?

Believe it or not, all these things matter. We are here to help you sort out the details.

Having an idea of your timeline is a good place to start. Knowing if you will have time for everyone to get hair + makeup done, get dressed and arrive at the venue on time is priority. We will talk more about timing in just a bit.

Tip #2


Let's talk about your timeline.

A few things to consider include:

Are you doing a first look?

Does everyone need to be finished before your first look starts? Or do you want privacy for your first look?

Are you doing all your photos or just some of your photos before the ceremony?

Keeping these things in mind will help you to establish a rough timeline for the day of the wedding. We usually recommend a finish time of about 2 hours before the wedding if you are not doing a first look. This gives you time to gather your thoughts, get some "getting ready" photos, travel to your venue, and so on.

If you are doing a first look and want everyone finished before then I would usually recommend a finish time of 3 hours before the ceremony. If you would like some privacy during your first look, we can finish your wedding party hair while your first look is taking place.

Talking through your timeline and photo events, with your hair stylist and makeup artist, is a great way to make sure you have ample time with no stress.

Tip #3

When Should Your Wedding Party Arrive for Beauty Services

We usually recommend everyone arrive at the beginning of the beauty service appointment. The reason for asking everyone to arrive at the beginning is to prevent delay in executing the services. Most of the time the makeup artist will have a rough schedule for makeup services. However, hair services operate differently. If there are more than 8 ladies getting hair services, we have a different process. Normally we will be working on 2 ladies at the same time. One of the ladies will be in the prep area while the other is getting finishing touches. This makes things work much more efficiently.

Depending on timing, we may have multiple hair stylists and makeup artists. Make sure to consult with your beauty artists to confirm timing and number of artists.

When a dream team comes together magic happens!! Thank you to Samos Photography for this gorgeous capture, Pinnacle Golf Club Weddings for providing a space for the wedding party to get ready, @thecaroleb for providing makeup services.

Tip #4

Relax and Let the Pros Create Magic

We pride ourselves on expertise and professionalism. You can be assured that we will work hard to give you everything you have dreamed of and more. You are encouraged to have some inspiration pictures (Pinterest Inspo) but don't fret! If you don't know what you want to do with your hair or makeup that day, we have it under control. We are happy to ask all the right questions to make sure you will fall head over heels in love with your look!

Tip #5

Don't Worry if Something Goes Wrong on the Day of Your Wedding

It's probably going to happen. Just remember one thing....

It is all in the way you handle it! I promise.

If there is one piece of advice that I cling to it is just breathe! It is going to be ok.

It is absolutely inevitable that something may go wrong. Life isn't perfect. More often than not, the guests will have no idea what it is that has gone wrong.

People might text or call asking what the address or time of the wedding is! I have seen this happen too often.

The flowers may arrive a few minutes later than expected...someone might spill something.

Just remember to go with the flow and laugh it off.

There is one reason your wedding day is happening. It is because you love your partner so much that you can't imagine life without them! That is the true reason you are getting married, right? That is a good thing to keep in mind on your big day. But also remember that we are here to do everything in our power to give you the best wedding day ever!

Love conquers all!

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