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Beauty Summit LLC Introduces Education Curriculum for Beauty Schools and Students

Beauty Summit LLC, led by Shannon Goode and Madolyn Worrall of Columbus, Ohio, strives to lead the way in education for beauty pros, students, makeup artists, hair stylists and freelancers in the creative beauty industry.

Along with the Bridal Business Bootcamp, which was launched in January of 2019, the education platform will be launching a new program for beauty schools and students. The direction of beauty is evolving and becoming something much different than it has ever been. Because of this evolution, Beauty Summit LLC has been able to get out in front of the change and the newest generation of beauty pros to pave the way to creating their solopreneur business.

Many creative minds enter school wanting to act on their dreams of creating the business they have always dreamed of. We are experiencing more self employed, motivated and inspired creatives than ever. Teaching these creative beauty artists how to start and manage a successful business is our passion.

In this new curriculum you will have the opportunity to dream big...really big! After dreaming big you will be encouraged to work through the process of creating your connection story, finding your niche ( how this can change, saying yes to free jobs & work that may not make sense but shows opportunity, assisting established professionals and why, valuing yourself and why, finding what you love and perfecting it, finding your motivators, taking care of yourself when you’re not feeling up to working, business with friends - the pros & cons ), mission statement, vision statement, demographics, pricing, establishing payment methods (cash, card, Square, Venmo, Paypal, etc..), brand messaging (staying true to yourself & not trying to be someone else & why, it’s ok to be different, consistency with your business, the way you answer emails, the way you present yourself at weddings, the way you interact with vendors, knowing what you want to look like to the general audience, the knowledge that you have should reflect the brand you are putting out there, continuing education, evolving & why, changing with the trends), professional appearance (dressing for your ideal client), Email Set Up & Correspondence, Consistency with building the business (time put into your work and the reward you can get from the time you put in. You reap what you sew. You get what you put into it.), social media and creating a post plan & calendar, importance of online presence (website), business strategy, contracts & why (protecting yourself and your client), booking the weddings, requiring a deposit and why, getting it on your calendar , styled shoot road map and how to (planning & execution).

This new program is innovative and sure to get your business off the ground much more quickly. Visit for more information! We can't wait to hear from you.

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