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OSU Buckeye Bride Meets Chinese culture in Columbus, Ohio for the wedding of their dreams. October 2

Jingjing was an endearing, glowing, and enthusiastic bride on the morning of her October 3, 2015 wedding.  A bright and early 6:30a start time was in order with a finish time of 10a.  This would allow for plenty of time to design, arrange and inspire the hair for this large wedding party.  

Arriving early, we were greeted by Jingjing.  She looked so sweet in her robe, made by her very talented mother.  Jingjing's mother also crafted robes for the bridesmaids.  They were very pretty and all the girls wore them beautifully.  Robes are perfect for wedding morning beauty.  It is easy to change into the wedding attire without messing up your hair or make up.  The robes also looked lovely in pictures.  It was very special of Jingjing's mother to work so hard to create such a meaningful and useful piece of clothing for this big day.

Their Chinese culture was woven into every detail of this beautifully planned modern wedding.  The day began quickly.  The girls were inspired and influenced by one another when it came to hair style choices.  Updos were in order for all the girls.  The low, slightly pulled to the side, full of volume hair styles were perfect for this wedding day.  They suited all the bridesmaids perfectly.  While the style was similar with all the bridesmaids, their texture and color varied.  They looked amazing.

Jingjing wore her hair in an updo as well.  It was pulled to the side and featured medium sized barrel curls.  It was just the right style to compliment her dress.  

Jingjing's mother would have her hair styled.  We polished and styled her hair in a way that she would look like herself with a touch of glamour.  She looked stunning.  While Jingjing's mother didn't speak much english, the ladies were very gracious and helped us to be able to communicate.  It was very special and such an honor to be a part of such a memorable event for this family.

Jingjing had arranged with me to be available for a second style after the ceremony.  She would come back to the Renaissance Columbus (3rd St and Gay St).  She would make her way back after a ceremony at the St. Joseph Cathedral, Broad St. Columbus.  This worked out nicely since the Renaissance is pretty much right around the block from the cathedral.

For the second style, Jingjing would change into a dress designed and created by her aunt.  She had made the dress for Jingjing just in case she needed it.  The dress was dazzling and delightful.  Jingjing would take pictures in this special gown before changing into her simple, understated, with all the glamour and prestige expected from such a ravishing bride.

Joy Macke, of State of Face Makeup Artistry, came to the Renaissance to perfect faces for these wedding day beauties.  Her work is remarkable, her style is superb, Joy is a must-have for everyone's wedding day.

Emilie Duncan, of Emilie Duncan Event Planning, is a highly sought after, greatly experienced, hugely skillful, detail directed, enjoyable, entertaining and pleasant individual that runs a ~well oiled machine~ that is Emilie Duncan Event Planning.  I cannot say enough good things about Emilie.  She brings a personal touch to her operation that makes you feel like you've been friends for a lifetime.  She is funny, considerate and honestly, you must meet her!  While she and her team works efficiently behind the scenes, she always makes a point to check in on the bride the day of the wedding.  Checking in on the day of the wedding allows for her to make sure that all is going well.  She goes out of her way to take care of every detail so that the wedding party can enjoy every moment.

Photography was artfully done by Maria Hall Photography.  She was there for every moment.  You can bet she was capturing even the details that may have gone unnoticed.  A true professional in the industry.  Here is an excerpt I found on her site: "Maria Hall is an award-winning wedding and boudoir photographer based in Columbus, Ohio, with over a decade of experience in the worlds of wedding photojournalism, fashion, and glamour photography. Maria has received numerous awards for her art, including being named The Best of The Knot four times, as well as receiving the Bride's Choice Award three times. She has been published too many times to count and her work has been featured in magazines such as The Knot and Columbus Bride."

Jingjing, her groom, bridesmaids, wedding party and family would travel to China for a wedding ceremony in her home land.  Sharing this moment with family and being in the midst of such culture and tradition is an amazing testimony to Jingjing and her family.  Lots of planning, detail oriented customization and the bringing together of friends and family is what it is all about.

Wedding Planner: Emilie Duncan 

Ceremony: Saint Joseph Cathedral 

Reception: Renaissance Downtown Columbus

Flower: Bloomtastic Florist

Cake: Short North Piece of Cake

Hair: you 

Makeup: Joy Macke

Photographer: Maria Hall

Videographer: L+J Films

Babysitter: Ohio Wedding Sitter

DJ: Platinum Music Productions (Jordan)

Photo booth: Shutter Booth Ohio

Congratulations Mrs. Jingjing (Yan) and Mr. Grant Schneider.  Here is to many happy, healthy and adventurous years together!

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