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STR Events | Columbus, Ohio Weddings | Planning & Coordination

Jennifer Drew of STR (Something to Remember) Events and her team are a must have for your wedding day.

From planning the event from start to finish to coordinating the day-of or weekend they cover it all.  

Get ready to meet this team of amazing wedding pros!

"StR Events is a boutique style wedding and event planning company.  We really focus on finding the right client, and making their dreams come to life. Our clients don’t fit a particular mold - we love to work with different design styles and vendors to create something unique for each event. We will always be honest and straight forward with our clients – from our communication to our Instagram feed, it’s all real.

My favorite part of planning is getting to know the people.  We tend to draw client’s with similar lifestyles to our own – foodies, explorers, happy hour lovers.  Down-to-earth people, who like the nicer things in life. Still, everyone is different.  I love getting to see the family dynamics, the different personalities and ways of working through planning.  And then, to be there on the happiest day of their lives is the icing on the cake.  People are so kind, so genuinely happy, on their wedding day that it makes my heart smile. Plus, I get to be creative.  Every single day."

It's always fun to hear the crazy stories, right??!  I couldn't help but to ask if there is a funny story and this is what we got:

"The craziest thing that has ever happened at one of my weddings, was an unexpected person…under a guest table! Our photographer came to me and said they saw someone pretending to tie their shoe and then slip under a guest table while they were taking the room shots. Crazy! I found the catering team lead, we went over to the table and this guy jumps out and runs away muttering unrecognizable words.  He runs outside, with the catering lead chasing him, and he disappears.  Thank goodness this all happened before the guests were in the room – and they never knew anything about it.  Not a single person was affected, other than our team of vendors in shock for a bit!"

Check out their website at:

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